Thursday, March 08, 2007

EclipseCon Day 3

Yesterday was another good day. I attended talks all day and walked through the poster session. I was looking for a poster on the J9 VM because I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it but I haven't been able to download a copy from the IBM site. But alas, I didn't find the poster.

I think my favorite talk yesterday was by the keynote speaker, Robert Lefkowitz. He had an interesting outlook on open source, software patents, and user happiness. His funniest postulation that Eclipse is the crappiest IDE on the market...but that this is only natural since they are giving it away for free. At equilibrium, it only follows that Eclipse would be the crappiest IDE because all of the IDEs that charge money have to be "better" than Eclipse or they would go out of business. His other interesting idea was on software patents and product liability for software. His idea was to make software makers liable for bugs, just like other manufacturers are liable for their products. But what about open source, you say? Wouldn't this kill open source software. He argues that the liability should depend on how you distribute the software. If you distribute binary code, you are liable for both compensatory damages and punitive damages, but if you distribute source code, then you are only responsible for compensatory damages. He hypothesizes that we'd see the GPL version of Vista in a heartbeat :)

After the poster session, I hit my personal Eclipse saturation point for the day, so I skipped the BoFs and receptions. On the walk in yesterday, I had a really interesting idea of a cool new way to search the web. So I did some prototyping on that system and vegged out in front of the TV.

Today, EclipseCon winds down. There's a couple cool talks that I'm going to check out. After that, I'm looking forward to a little more substantial supper (perhaps some Thai) than I've had the last couple of days.

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