Tuesday, March 06, 2007

EclipseCon Day 1: PSICAT Wins Community Award

Well it started off as a rather quiet day. There were tutorials going on all day, but I stuck around my hotel room and got some work done. There had been a list of things that had piled up, and since I know it's going to be busy the next couple of days, I thought I'd do a little pre-emptive strike.

The big news of the day, though, is that the 2007 Eclipse Community Awards were announced at a ceremony tonight and PSICAT won the award for the Best Open Source RCP application. All I can say is: Wow! It's a great honor considering the caliber of the other entries. And I want to take a moment to thank the Eclipse community. Without their hardwork, PSICAT wouldn't exist. So a big "Thank You" to everyone!

I recieved a nice trophy, which bears a striking resemblance to the cores that PSICAT is used to describe. Nice touch by the Eclipse Foundation, I must say. Unfortunately I left my camera to USB cable at home so I have a nice picture of the trophy on my camera with no way to get it on my computer. But I'll get a picture of the trophy up as soon as I get back.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be demoing PSICAT as part of the Open Source Pavillion at EclipseCon. So if you're reading this and you're at EclipseCon, stop by so I can give you a personal demo of PSICAT.

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