Sunday, March 04, 2007

EclipseCon Day 0

Well I arrived in Santa Clara this afternoon after a fairly uneventful trip. I got checked into the hotel and tried (unsuccessfully) to grab a quick nap. The movie Gladiator was on TV, so I watched that for a bit. Around 5, I walked over to the convention center and picked up my conference registration. There's some good swag in there, including a USB flash drive. I putzed around the registration room a bit and wrote some code (sorry it's taking me so long Gary, I'll get something out to you tomorrow). And then I was lucky enough to run into Ian and Donald.
After some introductions and hand shaking, they invited me to the bloggers party tonight. Hence this blog entry--I figured I'd better earn the invitation.

I didn't sign up for any tutorials, so tomorrow should be pretty quiet. I'm going to use it to finish up some coding, do a little writing, and hopefully meet a few people at the conference.

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