Wednesday, March 07, 2007

100,000 in ODM

Well in some non-EclipseCon related news, I just heard from my buddy Bill Ryan at Mayo that the ODM software we wrote a couple of summers ago just passed the 100,000th CD processed! This is impressive news. The software is used to pull outside digital media aka digital x-ray, MRI, etc. images off of CDs and DVDs and insert them into the Mayo Clinic's image viewing system. "So what", you say? Well, what this means is that a patient that has been referred from another hospital can bring the exams that have been done elsewhere and their doctor at Mayo can use these exams to make their diagnosis. They don't have to have the exams re-done at Mayo. Obviously this saves someone, either the patient or Mayo, a fair bit of money. So that's really cool. And the best part is that the software has been running in production for the last two and a half years without many modifications. Not too shabby...

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