Sunday, October 01, 2006

Second To Last Weekend

Well, my second to last weekend before Antarctica is over. It seemed to fly by. I got back Friday night from the VCD meeting in College Station, TX at about 10PM. Since Elizabeth is on call next weekend, she decided to come down this weekend to see me before I leave.

Saturday we went out to lunch to Stomping Grounds so Elizabeth could get a curried chicken salad sandwich. The weather was gorgeous so we sat out on the patio and the food was good as per usual. I think the two foods I'm going to miss the most while I'm gone is going to be Stomping Ground's curried chicken salad sandwiches and Chipotle's burritos.

A bunch of people were in town for the UNI - ISU football game, so Elizabeth and I went over Saturday afternoon and tailgated a bit. I had a good time, and I think she did as well. Below is a picture from the tailgate (from left to right: Gerrit, me, Kyle, Brandon, and Big Kelly). As you can probably tell from Kyle and Big Kelly's faces, everyone was having a good time.

Elizabeth and I left the tailgating lots around 5:30 and headed home where I cooked us dinner.

Sunday we got up and walked to Jimmy John's for lunch. Then we headed over to Target and picked up some things I needed before I leave. Elizabeth took off after some dinner. All in all, it was a good weekend.

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