Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 2 in Christchurch, NZ

Day 2 in Christchurch started pretty early. I was up at 5AM local time, which may seem really early until you realize it is something like 11AM back home (and I usually don't sleep a wink past 8AM). Yesterday I fought a valiant battle with jetlag. My body kept telling me "Lay down, just for a bit" but I knew if I did I would be out like a light. So I stuck through even though Richard gave me a double take the first time he saw me and told me I looked like hell :)

We met up around 6PM for dinner and went to the Dux de Lux. I had never been, though I guess it is famous among the Antarctic folks. It's a brewery and vegetarian restaurant. They had fish, but other than that, no meat. I had the fresh local fish in cajun spices and it was very good. And the beer was good as well. I think over the course of the night I tried all but one of them. My favorite (maybe because it was the last one I had and I was feeling pretty good by then) was the Hereford Bitter. Their stout was pretty good too. They also had a ginger beer which was interesting. It was very light and refreshing, though I don't think I could sit down and drink more than one or two.

Today, about 1PM we're off to try on our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear and get our computers cleared. After that, I think the afternoon is ours. Hopefully my bags will have shown up by then otherwise I might be out getting a few clothes and toiletries to tide me over on the ice. Before I head out to try my gear on, I think I'm going to go find the fish and chips place I stumbled across last time I was here to get some real fish and chips.

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