Friday, October 06, 2006

3 Day And Counting

Well if you saw yesterday's post, I mentioned that the Eclipse folks were sending me a fleece to keep me warm down in Antarctica. Well, much to my amazement it showed up this morning around 9AM. That's less than a 20 hour turnaround from Ottawa to Ames. So I just wanted to thank Ian and the Eclipse folks for sending it off to me and thanks to FedEx for getting it here so quick.

Today was my last day at work for a while. I spent the morning finishin up a few things that needed to get done before I left. It was harder to clean out my desk and say bye to everyone than I thought it was going to be. I swung by the Post Office on my way home and shipped by "big envelope of tea". I threw a bunch of tea into an envelope and shipped it to myself because it is somewhat difficult to get things like that through New Zealand customs.

Tomorrow is the big day. We've still got a few preparations to make but if you're reading this and are anywhere near Ames, stop by the tailgating lots about 2PM and find us for a slushy.

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