Thursday, October 12, 2006

24 Hour Delay

Well, unfortunately our flight to the ice was delayed 24 hours this morning. We were supposed to be out at the Antarctic Center this morning at 6 but someone at the hotel came around at 4:30 to turn off our alarms because we were delayed today. Fortunately I was able to quickly fall back asleep until almost 6:30. I think I'm finally getting adjusted to NZ time.

Yesterday afternoon was busy. We went out to the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) and tried on all of our gear. All of my gear fit for the most part. It's crazy how much stuff they are giving us to wear. I was pretty lucky, about half of my gear was brand new.

My bags also showed up yesterday. So the first thing I did was change and brush my teeth. It was glorious. Richard and I had a few more beers at the Dux de Lux last night. I tried the Blue Duck Amber, thus completing the tour, but in the end decided I like the Bitter best. Then we went to dinner at a nice indian restaurant. It was good food and there was lots of it. And best of all, I got to have a Speights.

There is nothing official planned for the rest of the day, which is good because I have to work on my homework. But first--breakfast.

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roonie said...

Josh, you're my hero.