Monday, March 17, 2008

Anxious Anticipation

This is a pretty important week for Elizabeth and I. On Thursday we find out where she "matched" for her residency, which will dictate where we end up living for the next four or so years. Her top choice was to stay here in Minneapolis. The University of Minnesota has a really good program in what she is going into (MedPeds--a combination of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics). Her second choice is Milwaukee, WI. After that, the list includes Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL; Peoria, IL; and Rochester, NY.

Obviously Minneapolis would be the simplest all around option. We're already situated here, so we wouldn't have to worry about moving. Oddly enough, Milwaukee is also intriguing to me. Maybe it's the beer and brats. It's also still close enough that we could get back to see friends and family for the holidays and long weekends. The big downside to Milwaukee, or any place other than Minneapolis, is that we'd have to move on relatively short notice. We find out on March 20th and have to be moved by June 15th or so. Factor a wedding and a reception into that timeframe and we've only got about a month to find a place and get moved in.

We're both waiting for Thursday with bated breath.

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