Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Botanical Gardens

We went and got our gear on Tuesday. Since I knew what to expect, the gear issue was pretty straightforward this year. They simplified the number of things you have to wear on the plane. So I can actually wear my own underwear-type of gear and then just throw on the wind pants and coat. I also opted for some Carhart overalls rather than the standard issue wind pants. I didn't have any problems with the wind pants last year, but the Carharts seem a bit more comfortable. We'll see, though. I shouldn't have the occasion to use them unless I make a bunch of trips out to the drill site on skidoos (which I'm hoping to do).

After the gear issue, we had a spot of tea and then headed back into town. We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the botanical gardens and the Canterbury museum. I snapped a few shots of flowers. Actually, I snapped many shots of flowers, only a few turned out. The first one is just a picture I liked:
And here's another...see if you can spot the hidden bird:

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