Sunday, September 30, 2007


I made it to Christchurch, NZ after a surprisingly uneventful trip. A little Benadryl helped me sleep 8 of the 12.5 hours from LA to Auckland. All of my bags arrived, which was a big relief.

Christchurch is just as I remember it and I instantly fall back into old, familiar habits: making dinner plans with people to meet at the Dux for dinner, strolling along the Avon river on my way over to the fish and chips place, wandering around Cathedral Square watching the tourists snap photos. The only change I've noticed is that one of my old haunts, the Asian food court where you could get a ton of food for a very reasonable price, appears to be under construction. There's no indication of where it moved, so it looks like I'm S.O.L.

Tomorrow morning we head out to the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC) and try on our gear. We're scheduled to fly to the ice on Wednesday. There is a flight going out tomorrow morning. I really hope they make it because if they boomerang, then our flight gets pushed back. The more backed up we get, the less time we have to set things up when we get down there. I'm starting to realize that time is of the essence.

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