Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drill Site

A couple of days ago I drove out to the drill site to set up some computer systems. The drill site is about 25 miles outside of McMurdo on the sea ice. Because I was bringing a bunch cargo and a couple of people out, I took a Pisten Bully:

The Pisten Bully has a top speed of 13 mph with a tail wind and rolling down a very steep hill, so the 25 miles took over 2 hours. It was pretty nice to get out of town and see some of the scenery. In the picture above, Mt. Erebus, an active volcano, is over my shoulder. It is too bad that there was some clouds obscuring the mountain. The picture below shows the "road" out to the drill site:
That black speck on the horizon is the next flag. It's a pretty desolate route.

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Colleen said...

That pic of you by the big machine is awesome. Will and I wish you luck in your endeavor to abstain from Frosty Boy.