Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pressure ridges and Observation Hill

Today was our day off, so I took the opportunity to sleep late. After dinner, we headed over to Scott Base to do the pressure ridge walk. The pressure ridges form where the sea ice and the ice shelf meet. They are pretty impressive:

After that, I decided to go up Observation Hill. It was a little dicey since some weather was blowing in, but I risked it. The wind was blowing through the valley pretty stiffly and bringing a weird fog with it, but since I was shielded by the hill, the hike up wasn't too bad. Up at the top, the wind was pretty brisk. For a while, I lost sight of town because of the fog. Below is a picture from the top of Ob hill looking at the ridge across the valley:

You can see the eerie fog blowing through. I decided to walk down the back of Ob hill. There's less of a defined path and a lot more slippery stuff, so it was a rather improvised, sem-controlled descent. Going down the back side of the hill meant that I was walking into the wind the whole way down. At the bottom, I had a rather good coating of frost on my whiskers and my clothes:
What can I say? It's a harsh continent.


Joe Nuxoll said...

Hello Josh! We got your note about the Java Posse and I must say... WOW! Good luck down there, and I hope everything goes okay for you. I went through your pictures, and I have to say my favorite is this one: A great use of the Apple 30" cinema display!. I guess writing worth-while Java code can get you places!!! Thanks for listening!

- Joe (Java Posse)

Anonymous said...

Josh, Been following the progress and hope all is well. Would like for you to visit us sometime when you get back from the cold world. We'll pick up the flight.