Sunday, December 17, 2006

Antaractic Drilling Record

Today we crossed the 1000m mark in the hole and claimed the all-time Antarctic drilling record. The previous record was 999m. This is quite the accomplishment for our team of drillers, so mad props to them.

This puts us in good position to reach target depth of 1200m and potentially surpass it. We are ending drilling on Christmas day, but if they reach 1200m before then they are going to continue drilling. There is a seismic reflector that was supposed to be at target depth but is looking to be a bit deeper. They are interested in drilling through the reflector to see what it is.

Other than that, things are the same on my front. I've been working on PSICAT to add features and fix any bugs that pop up. Two days ago we crossed the 800m mark in core that has been logged into PSICAT (a record as well, though 10m was the record before I came here, so we've been breaking PSICAT records on a daily basis :) ). Yesterday I put together the summary logs that showed the first 800m of core so that the folks working on the cyclostratigraphy and age model had something to work with. It's pretty impressive seeing 800m of PSICAT output put on 2 letter size pieces of paper. I wish I could put them up here but alas, they are super secret. :)

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