Saturday, December 02, 2006

Burger Bar

A truly glorious thing happened yesterday: I had a cheeseburger and curly fries for supper. I know what you're thinking, 'big deal', and you're right it is a big deal. Since I'm on the night shift, my supper time is at 6AM. This makes it nigh impossible to get non-breakfast food for supper. So since I started on the night shift, all the way back to the middle of October, I've eaten eggs or cereal for supper. But yesterday was the first day I was able to eat supper-type food for supper.

The fact that there was a burger bar at 6:30AM for the night shift was brought to our attention by Jesse, the night janitor here in Crary. He was walking through and mentioned that he was working burger bar in the morning and was wondering if we wanted something other than eggs for supper. Naturally we all jumped at the chance, so he was even nice enough to take down our orders and call us when they were ready.

On the walk over to Gallagher's (which isn't very far, by the way--I could pick up a rock and probably hit the bar from the front door of Crary) to pick up the burgers, I saw someone walk out with a brown paper bag. On the bottom of the bag, a little grease was soaking through. Now, I'm not too proud to admit that the sight of the greasy bag got me even more excited at the prospect of a big greasy burger. It wasn't 'a kid on Christmas morning' level of excitement but I think I was looking forward to the burger more than I was for Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago.

Anyhow, after getting the burgers all sorted out and paid for, we headed over to the Galley to eat them. Since we were still working, we couldn't stick around and drink beer with the rest of the people at the bar. Instead we settled for milk and juice in the Galley. We also wanted to eat in the Galley so we could lord the fact that we were eating burgers and curly fries over the room. As for the lording, likely no one noticed, or if they did notice, they didn't care, that we weren't eating eggs or cereal, but it felt good nonetheless.

As for the burgers, it's amazing how mediocre yet absolutely wonderful something can be at the time. And if you were reading closely, you might notice that I said 'burgers'. Indeed, I fibbed a little earlier when I said I had 'a cheeseburger'. I actually had TWO cheeseburgers, in addition to the aforementioned curly fries. It was far too much food, but I ate it all like a champ. But don't worry, I ran extra tonight to work off the extra burger.

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