Thursday, December 28, 2006

Numbers dwindling...

The night shift numbers are dwindling. Today we lost Davide and Catalina to the day shift. Kelly made it to dinner with us but she got an early flight out of here so she'll be heading home in two days. That leaves just 5 of us still on night shift: Matt, Larry, Gavin, Ellen, and me. Tonight the last of the core should get described, so I don't know how much longer the sedimentologists are going to stay on nights. I'm hoping to stay on as long as possible because I get so much more done during the peace and quiet of the night. I don't have a proper office, so I sit in the common area. During the day, there's people constantly walking through and talking. It doesn't make for a situation where you can concentrate on writing code.

As for wrap up, I got my official orders about what needs to be done. I've got a bit more code to write to get the diagrams for the on-ice report ready. Hopefully this will only be a night or two of work. Then there's numerous data management type of stuff to do. I need to burn copies of the data for the various international institutions. I suspect the road to the end will be pretty busy. But hopefully after most people leave on the 4th, things will quiet down some. I'm hoping there will be some extra helo hours that we can burn touring around a bit during some free time.


Anonymous said...

Josh...I found your site and have enjoyed hearing about and seeing the pictures you have sent of the true Down Under. Hope you have a good trip home, weather in Iowa has been mild and NO Snow yet.

Mike Newton, Iowa

Josh Reed said...


Nice to hear from you. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Sorry it's been rather bland recently, been busy working away. Did you stumble on it via the web or did you see it in the Register?

As for the weather back there. Can't say that I'm sad since I was worried about my car sitting around for 3 months. Guess I don't have to worry about it being covered in snow.


Anonymous said...

Josh, I saw spot I believe in ISU Daily or the ISU web site. Big storm brewing over Denver again, but they say it will miss us again.

Happy new Year!

Mike. Newton