Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vehicles 3: Skidoo

This is my third post in an unofficial series about the vehicles I've driven while down here. I had to test some video conferencing hardware from the drill site, so Rich, Christina, and I hopped on skidoos and headed out there:

The skidoos are a bit inconvenient if you have a bunch of stuff to carry, but they make for a nice and quick ride. If the weather is nice and the trail is in good condition, you can get moving at a pretty good clip. We had full face helmets, which I'm obviously not wearing in the picture, so the wind and cold is not a problem. The helmets also make you feel a bit safer, but I'm pretty sure if you fly off your skidoo at 60mph and hit the ice, the ice will win helmet or no helmet.

The drill site was pretty much same old, same old. The VTC hardware worked on the first try. A core came up while we were out there, so we got to watch the process pulling the core barrel up and extracting the core. We were lucky to be there at the right time. I also got a nice shot of Mt. Discovery illuminated by the sun:

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