Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Condition 1

The helos were able to get out to the drill site and bring some core back this morning. It's a good thing, too, because the weather turned nasty again:
This is the same view out my office window as the picture in the "A Cruel Mistress" post below. We're officially in Condition 1, so we can't go to lunch until things clear up.


Arun Rao said...

WOW!!! And this is summertime down there!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog through google. i have a friend going down to antarctica, and i'd like to send him with something nice. i am wondering whether there's anything that you would really like (or would be really useful) that you can't really get there.

thank you for your response!

Josh Reed said...

They downgraded to Condition 2 just before lunch, so we were able to actually go and eat.

As for things to send someone in Antarctica, snacks are a good choice. They have a couple different kinds of soda, beer, and snacks, but the selection isn't that great. It's not really feasible to send a case of soda, but snacks always go over well. Last year I sent myself some tea. This year the package mail has been really backed up (last package flight was Oct 17th) so send it as soon as possible.