Monday, November 12, 2007

One Month Left

Sorry for the long time since the last post, it's been pretty busy around here. We've had good weather these last couple of days, so the core has really been flowing in. We're down to about 670 meters below sea floor. With our current drilling pace, we're poised to reach our target depth in the next two weeks. The season seems to have flown by. There's less than a month left for most of the science team. I'm leaving on the 14th, so I've got just over a month left.

I haven't had much time to do anything other than work, but I did sneak out the other morning and take a few pictures from hut point. I particularly like this one:

It's of Vince's Cross, a memorial to George Vince who died in an accident nearby in 1902.

Tomorrow night I'm heading out to the drill site to test some VTC equipment. It'll be on skidoo, so that should round out my Antarctic vehicle blog series. Stay tuned.

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