Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's just about Thursday back home, so I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Eat a bunch of turkey for me. We don't get our Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday so everyone can gorge themselves and have a 2 day weekend. Us ANDRILL folks will be working like normal, since they just started drilling with the HQ drill string and they are pulling up the core 6 meters at a time. We're cutting the morning meeting short on Saturday because a bunch of ANDRILL folks are running in the 5K "Turkey Trot". I'll be running it; I think it is a loop around the base and then out to the ice runway and back. It'll be interesting :) Us night shift folks will get our turkey dinner on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Anyhow, I'd better get to work. Oh and I put up a picture gallery from Evans and Royds.

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