Monday, February 19, 2007

Writing and EclipseCon

I finally outlined and started writing one of the papers for my thesis. I'm planning on submitting to a special issue of Computers & Geosciences on Geoscience Knowledge Representation for Cyberinfrastructure. I'm going to be focusing on PSICAT's data representation and data capture functionality. This will be a nice venue for the paper as it will allow me to be fairly technical in describing things. The deadline is April 15th, so I had better put my nose to the grindstone since March is going to be an pretty busy month.

I also finished an article about ANDRILL and PSICAT that looks like it is going to be published in Enterprise Open Source magazine. I've got another one in the works that I'm hoping to submit to Dr. Dobbs Journal. I'm just trying to think of a good spin or hook for the article.

Besides the writing, I'm happy to announce I'm heading out to EclipseCon! I originally wasn't going to go, but PSICAT is a finalist for a community award, so that was motivation enough to go. I haven't ever been to a conference like this before, so I'm really excited. There looks to be a lot of good talks. I'm also planning on demoing PSICAT at the Open Source pavilion. I return from EclipseCon on Friday night, and then I'm home for Saturday and Sunday before flying out again on Monday--this time to Phoenix to see my Uncle. That'll be a nice and relaxing trip.

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