Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still plugging away...

We'll it's been a couple weeks since my last entry. I've been plugging away at work--doing a bit of coding on PSICAT and some writing. The PSICAT work has mainly been some bug fixes and minor feature enhancements that were still outstanding. I'm trying to get it ready for release to the ANDRILL MIS folks this week. I've also been doing a bit of writing on some articles and on my thesis. On a related note, John Waters wrote a blog entry about PSICAT over at Application Development Trends.

The computers arrived back from the ice, so tomorrow I'm off to Lincoln for the day to square away some stuff. I'll be setting up the server so that the core images are available to the science team. I'll also be setting up some way for them to access and work on the on-ice report. I'm undecided as to how best to go about this (perhaps WebDAV?) I also need to have a debriefing with Chris about PSICAT and plan for next year, so it should be a busy trip. But it also means Chipotle for lunch :)

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