Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Griffon Tip: Mac Look and Feel on Snow Leopard

If you upgraded your Mac to Snow Leopard recently, you may have noticed that your Griffon apps no longer look the same as they used to on Leopard.  Aside from a few color differences, the biggest giveaway will be that your app no longer uses the standard top menubar.  Fortunately there is a simple fix if you want to use the more native look and feel.  Change your griffon-app/lifecycle/Initialize.groovy file to include the 'mac' look and feel first:
import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder
import griffon.util.GriffonPlatformHelper

SwingBuilder.lookAndFeel('mac', 'nimbus', 'gtk', ['metal', [boldFonts: false]])

The crux of the problem is SwingBuilder tries various L&Fs in the order you specify them and stops when it finds one that works.  Nimbus is the L&F for Java 6 but previous versions of Mac OS X shipped with Java 5.  So SwingBuilder would try Nimbus and it would fail then it would try the Mac look and feel which would work.  Snow Leopard ships with Java 6 so when SwingBuilder tried Nimbus, it worked and it never tried to set the Mac L&F.

EDIT: This will be the default behavior in the upcoming Griffon 0.2 release.  So you will only need this fix if you have Griffon apps from pre-0.2 days.


Danno Ferrin (aka shemnon) said...

This will be the default for greenfield 0.2 Griffon applications.

Josh Reed said...

Thanks Danno, I was just writing an email to griffon-dev as to whether this should be default, but that clears it up.

Anonymous said...

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