Saturday, August 02, 2008

AT&T Update

Well, since I bitched about AT&T last time, I suppose I should post something with some technical merit. It'll be in the next post, so folks that want to read it don't have to read through this post. For those of you interested, things aren't fully resolved with AT&T but Elizabeth's mom got on the phone with AT&T and put them in their place. She took it to the AT&T National level and has direct lines to folks there that can actually get stuff done. Supposedly everything is almost sorted, I just need to bring my iPhone in and get it re-programmed to my new number. I say 'supposedly' because until the deal is actually done and it's been a month or two, I have absolutely no faith in AT&T. It was a bit comical, though, because Elizabeth's mom got things sorted in like 20 minutes. Both Elizabeth and I are dumbfounded after the numerous interactions with AT&T, both on the phone and in person, as to how she could be so persuasive.

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