Monday, May 12, 2008

Open Participation in SimpleIssue

When I started writing the simple issue tracker it was with the goal of learning more about Grails and coming away with a generally useful project. I decided to blog it because I was hoping my insights might be useful to the community. The response has been awesome, with lots of encouragement and lots of great ideas.

It strikes me that I can probably learn more from the community than just working away on my own. So if you want to fix something I screwed up or you have ideas for new features or you just want to experiment, drop me a line and I'll add you to the SimpleIssue project out at Google Code. Mike Hugo has already pointed out my embarrassing lack of tests and has offered to lend a hand. This is great news for me because testing has never been my strong suit. It will give me an opportunity to study how it's done.

SimpleIssue is a nights and weekends project for me, so I don't expect any particular level of participation. If you've got ideas and want to contribute, then all the better for us.

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